Thursday, January 21, 2010

still looks like Christmas

Several weeks have gone by since Christmas, and my city is still decorated:

I was going to talk about how it shouldn't take that long to take down decorations, or how they missed their warm spell to take them down comfortably (it's now raining and it's getting cold after a streak of above-50 degree temps) but then I realized just how busy I am. I'm lucky I took our decorations down on January 1, and the next couple of weeks are crazy for me.

So I'll give the city of Asheville a break. Maybe we can take the wreaths down by Valentine's Day? We'll wait and see.


  1. That is kind of funny... you would think the city would be more on top of it.

  2. Maybe they'll just put pink bows on them and call them Valentines decorations! LOL!