Wednesday, March 3, 2010

snow day number whatever

Even though it's beyond annoying now, the snow can be really pretty.

(We've had so much snow that all of our schools are headed to school this Saturday and are running out of Saturdays to use for snow days. It's getting a little old.)


  1. School on a Saturday?? Now that would be weird, but yes the snow can be pretty

  2. They are actually debating about adding 20-30 mins on to each school day here in Northern Virginia, unreal hunh.

    Checking your blog, I keep waiting for some shots of downtown.. like Laughing Seed or French Bar or Wall St. (where I used to spend lots of time!!)

  3. I may head downtown this weekend and I'll take pictures :) It hasn't been the best venturing-out weather (even though I work downtown!)