Saturday, February 20, 2010

just brilliant

I finally got out of the house - and I didn't have to trek through the snow to have any fun!

The Brilliant Inventions played at the Grey Eagle (a local music venue) last night and I LOVE them. This photo was shot with an Olympus E-410. (I borrowed my mom's camera.) I use her camera for concerts (which I sometimes shoot for work. Yep, sometimes my job is awesome.)

So, no flash, terrible lighting, and I have a head in the bottom corner of the picture, but I still like it. Oh, and the stage only sits about 8 inches off the ground. They're more level with the audience than elevated.

And because I love them so much, I'm going to add a video to today's post. It's my favorite song by them (Lights You Up) and the quality is poor because Flickr requires video to be under 10MB. Oh, and it was shot on a point and shoot camera. Enjoy.

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  1. Good shot for it being so dark though, shots like that are so hard to get