Monday, February 8, 2010

pic of pics

I worked on our room for a little while yesterday. I grabbed this picture of photos we hung (in new frames and everything!) You can even see the green paint, and it's not washed out or beige like it appears in other photos.

Most importantly, let's focus on the Bahamas pictures and pretend we're there on this cold, gray day.


  1. I love floating shelves...they look so modern!

  2. It took over an hour to get that small shelf to hang properly - and it fell when I first placed the frame on it. We kind of walk by it and don't breathe :) I'm hoping it stays in place, because I'd LOVE to add a bud vase to the shelf for a little more decoration!

  3. Ahh the Bahamas would be lovely today. I like the green paint as well, it's so annoying when your pictures don't represent the colours on the walls I get that all the time.